Installation Kronowall 3D

Installation guide and video guide for Kronowall 3D from KronoOriginal®

Assembly instructions - Kronowall 3D (PDF)

Installation guide

Step 2

Leave cartons of laminate flooring in the same climatic conditions (15 - 30°C, 40 - 70% humidity) as the room they are going to be installed in for at least 48 hours.

Step 3

Create a laying plan to reduce waste.

Step 4

Install the sub-construction / lathing.

Step 4a

Sub-construction living room

Step 4a2

Counter-battens construction in bathrooms.

Step 4b

Ensure ventilation!

Schritt 4b

Ships must be backlit.

Step 5

1. Insert panels longitudinally, secure with nails or claws.

Step 6a

Mount other panels.

Step 6b

Mount optionally with zero-joint (A) or cm-joint (B).

Step 7

Panels with profile claw CL 3.6 K (tip: User nailing help or...

Step 8 it with staples.

Step 9

Step 10a

Mark last panel...


...and cut out.

Step 10c

Fit in.


Mount skirting board.