Laminate for the hallway, entrance area and lobby

Dirty shoes. Shoe with narrow heels. Wet umbrellas. Sand and gravel from the street. The entrance area is one of the areas in the house which is probably used most intensively. Not only must the floor in the hall withstand particular heavy use, but it must also be immune to dirt and adhesions.  

As far as robustness is concerned, tiles are a good choice for the corridor and entrance area. One advantage of having tiles is that they are insensitive to scratches and relatively easy to clean. A major drawback, however, are the joints, in which dirt and sand accumulate and can be wiped down only with difficulty. Moreover, the surface is very cold and uncomfortable on the feet. Carpet is comfortable and soft, but is very susceptible to dirt and moisture. 

In this case, laminate with the correct service class is the perfect floor for the hallway. It is robust, resistant to impact and scratches, non-slip and easy to maintain. You can also select water-resistant laminate flooring. If you choose this, you do not have to worry about water on the floor. In addition to that, laminate in the hallway exudes a certain coziness and appears inviting. Are you doubtful about whether a laminate floor can combine all these characteristics? Then we wish to convince you to the contrary: At KronoOriginal® you will find a wide selection of laminates which are ideally suited to hallways and is also visually pleasing! 

Attractive design possibilities with laminate in the hallway

The hall or hallway are the part of the apartment, that you'll come face-to-face with first when you come through the entrance. The first impression made by your apartment is strongly influenced by the entrance area. Impress your guests and create a feel-good atmosphere for yourself from the first step into your home by choosing laminate for the hall. Laminate flooring is not only a floor covering, but is also a part of the decor. Therefore, select laminate flooring not only according to its characteristics, but also as for its appearance. With matching decor, you will underscore the style of your hallway and create a cozy atmosphere even before you enter the adjoining rooms. Is your home furnished in a country style? Then we recommend the Vintage Classic product line which looks similar to high-quality parquet floors, thanks to the four-sided V-groove. The Appalachian Hickory country style has a distinctive grain which appears exceptionally vivid, in the incoming light. 

Is the hallway of your house or your apartment rather small and dark? Then you should go for light-colored laminate with wooden decors such as the Super Natural Classic laminate flooring in our Aspen Oak design. When you see this flooring laid out lengthwise across the entire room, the hallway seems to stretch ahead. If you wish to make a large entrance area and a big hallway visually appear somewhat smaller and more comfortable, opt for a darker laminate flooring and please pay attention also to the direction in which you lay the flooring as this will reduce the dimensions of the room. As you can see, it is not only the color of the laminate and the way the light falls which play a major role, but also the direction in which you lay the flooring. 

When laying out the boards, especially when installing in the transverse direction, remember that you have a higher requirement for materials due to the coupage (wastage). During a floating floor installation, if you install footfall sound insulation in addition to the damp-proof membrane, please note the transitions to the other rooms as well as the door frames. This insulation manages to compensate for slight irregularities in the level of the floor screed, but at the same time it increases the thickness of the floor. This has an influence on whether the door frame must be cut. You can cover the transition to the living spaces as well as the expansion joint between the last row and the wall using profiles and ledges. Whether you lay them out in the color of the flooring or in a striking contrast is a matter of taste. 

Advantages of laminate for halls

The hall is one of those areas of an apartment or a house, which is used more often than other areas. It serves as a connection between the rooms and also includes the entrance area, which should have an especially robust surface. Laminate is suitable as flooring for the corridor due to the many advantageous characteristics. It is robust, resistant to shocks, scratches and abrasion and can hold a lot of weight. In addition, KronoOriginal® floor coverings are resistant to moisture and are not prone to swelling on account of moisture thanks to the integrated HDF Aqua Stop carrier material. Another advantage is the longevity of the flooring – there is a warranty of up to 30 years. The best part is the easy installation. Thanks to the Click System, the individual panels are connected to each other by means of a single click – you don't need a craftsmen, you can do it by yourself.

  • Robustness: KronoOriginal® laminate is resistant to shocks, scratches and abrasion and is robust due to its hard surface coating.
  • Longevity: With its longevity of up to 30 years, KronoOriginal® laminate is convincing even with regard to use in the hallway.
  • Resistance to moisture: Thanks to the integrated Aqua stop system in the HDF carrier material, the KronoOriginal® laminate flooring is protected against swelling.
  • Heat conductivity: KronoOriginal® laminate is suitable for underfloor heating and is convincing due to its excellent heat conductivity.
  • Allergy prevention: The laminate does not provide any place for mites to live or for dust to accumulate, due to its smooth surface.
  • Easy laying: Thanks to the glue-free Click System of KronoOriginal®, laminate flooring can be laid quickly and easily – even by inexperienced do-it-yourselfers!
  • Easy cleaning: Cleaning laminate does not take any great effort. Simply vacuum or damp-wipe – and the laminate in the entrance area will already be clean.

Use the many advantages of laminate for the hallway and discover the wide variety of KronoOriginal® decors!

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