The perfect upgrade for any wall!

Authentic bevels, different installation techniques: uniform, staggered or “wild“. 

1296 x 132 | 154 x 12 mm
  • 12 mm panels on 3 different levels create 3D effect
  • Innovative installation system


  • Lightfast surface
  • suitable for bathrooms
  • low maintenance and easy to clean
  • heat resistant and suitable for built-in lighting


gold collection - 1296 x 132 x 12 mm

Panels/box 8 | m² per box: 1,37 m² | weight: 12,7 kg

K035 Crosstown Traffic

8475 Mustang Slate

K060 Alabaster

K061 Rusty Barnwood

K047 Mountain Hut Pine | different colours in 1 package

K047 Mountain Hut Pine

K047 Mountain Hut Pine

K047 Mountain Hut Pine

K047 Mountain Hut Pine

silver collection

Panels/box: 7 | m²/box: 1,40 m² | weight: 12,5 kg

9077 Edelweiss Pore

5555 Crystal Ash

5934 Downtown

American style & 3D Style



Please use for installation the special Kronowall 3D profile claws.

Skirting board

Variable angle cover trim

Special profile claws

Outer corner trim

Finishing trim

Panels with claws