The perfect upgrade for any wall! 

Authentic bevels, different installation techniques: uniform, staggered or “wild“. 

1296 x 132
  • 12 mm panels on 3 different levels create 3D effect
  • Innovative installation system


  • Lightfast surface
  • suitable for bathrooms
  • low maintenance and easy to clean
  • heat resistant and suitable for built-in lighting


gold collection - 1296 x 132 x 12 mm

Panels/box 8 | m² per box: 1,37 m² | weight: 12,7 kg

K284 Summer Breeze Oak

K326 Sundance Oak

K060 Alabaster Barnwood

K061 Rusty Barnwood

K047 Mountain Hut Pine

American style & 3D Style



Please use for installation the special Kronowall 3D profile claws.

Skirting board

Variable angle cover trim

Special profile claws

Outer corner trim

Finishing trim

Panels with claws

Flyer Kronowall 3D