The perfect upgrade for any wall.

Authentic bevels, different installation techniques: uniform, staggered or "wild".

You think wall panels for room design are no longer current? Then we are happy to convince you otherwise! With "Kronowall 3D", our new product in the field of wall cladding, you can let your creativity run wild. Kronowall 3D is not only an eye-catcher due to the various decors. Choose from different designs the one that is right for your living space. Decide for yourself - should the wall be designed with an elegant stone or tile look? Or do you prefer the rustic look of real wood like oak or the warm appearance of wood panels in teak-look? Thanks to the wide range of surface structures and looks, you can set individual accents in wall design with the panels. But it would be too little if you could only make your living room particularly colorful ... KronoOriginal® as the manufacturer of these innovative wall and ceiling panels offers you the opportunity to create a very special living atmosphere through the way the boards are laid and arranged.

You are now wondering what we mean by laying? The special thing about the new wall panels is easily explained: In order to create the special 3D look, we have found the perfect solution with special profile claws. This allows you not only to blend your walls easily, but also to shape them in a special 3D optics. Let yourself be inspired by the possibilities of Kronowall 3D and conjure up an individual eye-catcher from empty wall areas. It is no coincidence that Kronowall 3D is growing in popularity!

1296 x 132 | 154 x 12 mm

  • 12 mm panels on 3 different levels create 3D effect
  • Innovative installation system


  • Lightfast surface
  • suitable for bathrooms
  • low maintenance and easy to clean
  • heat resistant and suitable for built-in lighting


gold collection - 1296 x 132 x 12 mm

Panels/box 8 | m² per box: 1,37 m² | weight: 12,7 kg

K047 Mountain Hut Pine

K060 Alabaster Barnwood

K061 Rusty Barnwood

K0284 Summer Breeze Oak

K0326 Sundance Oak


Please use for installation the special Kronowall 3D profile claws.

Skirting board

Variable angle cover trim

Special profile claws

Outer corner trim

Finishing trim

Panels with claws

Flyer Kronowall 3D