Laminate for the children's room

Children like to play on the ground. They like to draw on it, drive around in toy cars, read, romp around and cook in the children's kitchen. Therefore floor must be tough enough to withstand these loads – and KronoOriginal® laminate optimally meets these requirements. Another criterion for selecting the floor in the children's room for many parents is the health aspect. Laminate for the children’s room scores points even in this area, because KronoOriginal® laminates are free of harmful substances and easy to clean. And what is better than a floor that facilitates the necessary hygiene, is warm to walk on and also looks good?

Laminate is an optimal flooring for children's rooms

Little ones spend a lot of time in the children's room. They not only sleep here, they also play, romp around and discover the world. That is why the selection of the right flooring should be well considered.
Carpeting or cork floorings are very popular as they feel warm under your feet. But when it comes to the subject of hygiene, carpets especially do not perform so well. Carpet flooring is very susceptible to dirt and dust, provides optimal conditions for mites and is extremely susceptible to stains from liquids. Even with regular vacuuming, carpet flooring does not really become thoroughly clean. Laminate, on the other hand, has the positive characteristic of forming a sealed surface that is easy to clean. Like this, bacteria and dirt do not have any chance.

Compared to cork, laminate offers a large selection of décors with which you can customize your baby's room to your liking.
The flooring in the children's room has to withstand a lot: whether something falls off the table, or a chair is pushed around carelessly while romping around or scratched by toys crossing the laminate floor. Thanks to the high service class, KronoOriginal® floorings are relatively insensitive to scratches and bumps. In our opinion, the floor must be able to withstand children's play. Our products are able to handle this easily and the laminate in the children's room still looks good even after years. When playing intensively with wooden blocks or toy cars, you can still protect the floor covering with a play mat.
Experience shows: When children play intensively, they are completely in their own world. They jump, run and forget their surroundings. Experience shows: footfall sound insulation in the children's room, in particular, is extremely important! After all, children should be able to romp around carefree while you as parents should not have to worry whether the neighbors are being disturbed too much.
Unlike vinyl flooring, laminate is mostly made of wood and does not contain plasticizers. So you do not have to worry about harmful emissions and pollutants escaping from the flooring. That's good for your little ones’ health. The fact that KronoOriginal® laminate flooring is made from manufactured from wood from sustainably managed forests helps to leave an intact environment for future generations.
Last but not least, price is an important criterion when you are making the decision. Laminate is a low-cost flooring compared to parquet or many cork floorings. Here you will receive a high-quality natural flooring for comparatively little money.
When it comes to the choice of a durable flooring for children's rooms, you can confidently opt for KronoOriginal® laminate.

The advantages of laminate for the children's room

The advantages are summarized which make laminate the ideal flooring for the children's room:

  • Easy to care: The cleaning of laminate is easy - simply wipe or vacuum and the laminate is then clean again.
  • Stain resistant: Soiling cause by jams and marmalades – and later in the teenage years, by nail varnish – are easy to remove.
  • Anti-bacterial comfort: This special layer does not give bacteria room for growth and keeps the flooring free of germs.
  • Allergy-friendly: Dust and all kinds of microorganisms have no chance, thanks to the sealed surface. This makes laminate ideal for allergy sufferers of all kinds. 
  • Suitable for use over underfloor heating: With KronoOriginal® you will find many floorings that are suitable for laying over underfloor heating.
  • Resistant to shock, scratches and abrasion: Thanks to the overlay, laminate withstands intensive use – make sure you use the appropriate service class for laminate for the children’s room here.
  • Pollutant-free: Laminate is by no means harmful to your health – thanks to its easy maintenance, laminate is even more hygienic than other floor coverings.

Laminate for the children's room is also a visual highlight

Besides its many advantages, the large selection of laminate décors for the children's room is also persuasive.
With KronoOriginal® you will find laminate in a wood finish – choose between light or dark and intensively or moderately grained wood décor. You will certainly find the right flooring with KronoOriginal®.
Take a look at KronoOriginal's comprehensive range of laminate floorings for children's rooms and opt for the laminate floor that will appeal to your little offspring.
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