Wall Panels Installation

Step 1

Tools required

Step 2

Acclimatise the panels to the room in which they will be laid for 48 hours prior to installation at a temperature of 15-30⁰°C and a relative humidity of 40-70%.

Step 3

Plan out panel installation to reduce waste.

Step 4

Construct a batten frame.

Step 4a

Batten frame – living room

Step 4a2

Batten frame – wet room

Step 4b

Ensure adequate ventilation!

Step 4b2

Always fix the vertical battens first.

Step 5

Take the first panel 6a and nail in place or secure
with starter brackets.

Step 6a

Mount the remaining panels.

Step 6b

Install with either a zero joint (A) or visible joint (B).

Step 7

Secure the panels with our bespoke CL 3.6 K bracket (tip: use a nail to help you) or…

Step 8

… with a staple gun.

Step 9

Step 10a

Mark up the last panel…

Step 10b

…and cut it to size.

Step 10c

Slot into place.

Step 11

Attach edging.