Flooring Decors

Flooring designs that fit your individual lifestyle

Krono Original® offers an extensive array of designs: authentic new interpretations of high quality woods, exceptional designs, imaginative motifs – from classic to vintage, we have everything you’re looking for.

You’re looking for flooring that reminds you of hundred year-old farmhouse hardwood floor. You’re looking for exceptional décor that will impress with its inspirational colours and patterns/designs. Or would you like to have a floor that guests, while admiring your home, can neither see nor feel is not a real hardwood floor? With the designs from Krono Original® you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.


Terrace Oak Light
5600 Terrace Oak Light, Planked (VM)
Variostep Narrow
Whitaker Oak Light
5611 Whitaker Oak Light, Planked (WT)
Variostep Classic
Angkor Oak Grey
5640 Angkor Oak Grey, Planked (VM)
Variostep Classic
Spring Arbor Oak Medium
5669 Spring Arbor Oak Medium, Planked (WT)
Sublime Prestige
Grey Oak
5662 Grey Oak, Planked (WT)
Sublime Prestige
Industrial Oak Grey
5664 Industrial Oak Grey, Planked (GA)
Premier Prestige
Industrial Oak Brown
5645 Industrial Oak Brown, Planked (GA)
Premier Prestige
Timeworn Oak Grey
5621 Timeworn Oak Grey, Planked (WR)
Premier Classic
Timeworn Oak Brown
5622 Timeworn Oak Brown, Planked (WR)
Premier Classic
Tallowood Oak Light
5597 Tallowood Oak Light, Planked (RO)
Premier Classic
Wyngate Oak Light
5672 Wyngate Oak Light, 2 Strip (DA)
Castello Classic
Hazy Oak
5663 Hazy Oak, 2 Strip (VM)
Castello Classic
Boulder Oak
5542 Boulder Oak, Planked (HC)
Floordreams Vario
Bedrock Oak
5541 Bedrock Oak, Planked (HC)
Floordreams Vario


Rock Quarry Pine
5599 Rock Quarry Pine, Planked (VM)
Variostep Classic
Millbrook Pine
5613 Millbrook Pine, Planked (VM)
Premier Prestige


Crosstown Traffic
K035 Crosstown Traffic, Tile (AS)
Palatino Travertine
8457 Palatino Travertine, Tile (SU)


Echo Falls Walnut
5661 Echo Falls Walnut, Blocked (RF)
Kronofix Classic


Heritage Barnwood
K036 Heritage Barnwood, Planked (BW)
Floordreams Vario
Weathered Barnwood
K037 Weathered Barnwood, Planked (BW)
Floordreams Vario
Rolling Hills Jatoba Medium
5668 Rolling Hills Jatoba Medium, Planked (LQ)
Premier Narrow
Rolling Hills Jatoba Dark
5667 Rolling Hills Jatoba Dark, Planked (LQ)
Premier Narrow
Brighton Mahogany
5660 Brighton Mahogany, 2 Strip (RF)
Kronofix Classic
2 Strip Cherry
5653 2 Strip Cherry, 2 Strip (RF)
Kronofix Classic


Mission Point Hickory Dark
5581 Mission Point Hickory Dark, Planked (VM)
Variostep Classic
Meadow Hill Hickory Clean
5582 Meadow Hill Hickory Clean, Planked (VM)
Sublime Prestige
Hollybush Hickory Light
5636 Hollybush Hickory Light, Planked (BH)
Premier Prestige
Morrison Hickory Light
5584 Morrison Hickory Light, Planked (HH)
Premier Classic
Morrison Hickory Dark
5587 Morrison Hickory Dark, Planked (HH)
Premier Classic
Magnolia Hickory
5665 Magnolia Hickory, 2 Strip (VM)
Castello Classic
Red River Hickory
8156 Red River Hickory, Planked (VH)
Vintage Narrow
Smoky Mountain Hickory
8157 Smoky Mountain Hickory, Planked (VH)
Vintage Narrow
Natural Hickory
5943 Natural Hickory, Planked (VH)
Vintage Narrow
Appalachian Hickory
8155 Appalachian Hickory, Planked (VH)
Vintage Narrow


Antique Chestnut
5535 Antique Chestnut , Planked (RC)
Vintage Classic
Bakersfield Chestnut
5539 Bakersfield Chestnut, Planked (RC)
Vintage Classic
Tawny Chestnut
5537 Tawny Chestnut, Planked (RC)
Vintage Classic