Laminate for the bedroom

Quiet nights on stylish laminate flooring

Relaxation, coziness and an atmosphere of well-being: A bedroom should radiate this. A snug bed with pillows soft as clouds, dainty curtains, a fluffy carpet and loving attention to detail give the room that certain something. But the highlight of a bedroom is its floor! And this must not only be practical, it should also look good. With KronoOriginal® you will find a comprehensive selection of laminates for the bedroom with which you can emphasize the pleasant ambiance of the room. Depending on the type of style and decor, you will find the appropriate flooring – see for yourself!

The advantages of laminate in the bedroom

You are doing everything right with laminate in the bedroom. Many characteristics indicate that, for example:

  • Natural: KronoOriginal® laminate is made of 90% wood and radiates a pleasant sustainability.
  • Anti-allergic: KronoOriginal® laminate is also ideal for undisturbed nights for those suffering from allergies. Bacteria and dust cannot gain any foothold nor propagate on its sealed surface.
  • Easy to clean: Dust and stains are absolutely easy to remove. Simply wipe or vacuum clean and the dirt is removed.
  • Resistant: The furniture’s weight cannot harm the KronoOriginal® laminate.

Sleep in style, thanks to KronoOriginal® laminate

Do you have a specific style of furnishing in your home? Then you should also make the right choice of flooring – not only in terms of the positive characteristics of the material, but also in terms of its appearance. A comprehensive range of attractive laminate décors are waiting for you at KronoOriginal®. Whether it is a dark floor, a bright decor, realistic grain or tile look laminate: You will find the right laminate for your bedroom.

Lay the laminate in the bedroom quickly and easily

You can lay the laminate quite easily yourself. Thanks to the practical click system, laying laminate does not have to be undertaken by a craftsman – just click the individual panels into each other. In contrast to parquet, laminate flooring also does not have to be glued. You will see that: the desired laminate decorates your bedroom in no time at all and with a small amount of effort.
You only have to decide! Please check the individual product lines and select the laminate that looks best in your bedroom.
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