Laminate for the living room

Feel-good atmosphere in the living room, thanks to laminate flooring

The living room is the space of your home that is used the most. The family gathers here for games evenings together, and it is here that exciting films are shared, songs are sung together during talent shows and the family relaxes after work. The atmosphere in the room is particularly important here – and the interior as well as the suitable flooring play a major role in this. The flooring forms the basis, gives the room its basic style and contributes to the sense of space. Therefore, you should choose the right laminate for your living room carefully: Take a look at the many KronoOriginal® décors and then decide which fits in your living space best.

Laminate – the ideal flooring in the living room

The less work the flooring requires, the better it is. And laminate is especially popular in this – because it is not only extremely easy to care for, it has many other characteristics that are beneficial for life in the living room:

  • Stain-resistant: A lovely evening with friends – and all of a sudden it happens: a glass of wine falls to the floor. No problem – Laminate flooring is stain -resistant; oil or nail varnish cannot harm the flooring either.
  • Anti-allergen: The living room should be a cozy and soothing place even for those who suffer from allergies. Thanks to the sealed surface, dust or allergy-triggering microorganisms do not have a chance, which makes laminate ideal for allergy sufferers
  • Resistant to shocks, scratches and abrasion: Dropped cutlery, furniture being moved around or walking around in shoes with heels – laminate is resistant to all this.
  • Easy laying: The laying of laminate is easy, thanks to its click system. If there is a damaged area in the flooring, you can replace the concerned panel easily despite this.
  • Compatible with floor heating: KronoOriginal® laminate is suitable for laying on underfloor heating – ideal for the living room.
  • Light-proof: Don't worry about direct sunlight – the laminate in the living room will retain its color and not fade.

Achieving the desired style in the living room with laminate

The living room should be designed in such a way that you feel completely at ease. No matter which style has been added, you can achieve any furnishing style with the KronoOriginal® laminate. The different décors make this possible.

Take a look at the different product lines and their décors and decide on the laminate you wish for the living room.

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