The flooring collection from Krono Original®

Flooring from Krono Original® – the perfect basis for your individual lifestyle
You are the designer of your home. Krono Original® flooring manufacturers are your reliable and imaginative partners in flooring: Take a look at our collection and be inspired!

Organic Veneer Parquet

Step into the inspiring world of KronoOriginal® laminate flooring: Laminate in all colours and designs, in stone or authentic-looking wood. As the global market leader in laminate flooring, we are constantly developing new products that are made to impress with their trendy designs, brand-name quality and an unbeatable value..

A beautiful floor is the basis for a beautiful home. Beauty always lies in the eye of the beholder, and for that reason we have a diverse and extensive line of laminate flooring – from high quality wood laminate to stylish vintage flooring to extraordinary designs.

Laminate flooring has to fit your lifestyle and not the other way around

Your home is your safe haven, a meeting place for friends and family, now and then a private club, where you will celebrate, dance and laugh. For all of this, you require a floor that works with you and is furnished with especially advantageous qualities:

  • Integrated Aqua Stop System: Waterproofed HDF (high density fibreboard) mounting plate provides the highest core protection
  • Durable: length of life in a living room is 15 to 20 years
  • Robust: Impact, shock and pressure-resistant. Scratch and abrasion-resistant due to its especially hard surface finish

These are only a few of the many advantages that laminate flooring from KronoOriginal® offers you.

KronoOriginal® focuses on naturalness in the development of its products: our laminate flooring is manufactured from high quality materials and consists of more than 90 per cent wood. The KronoOriginal® designers pay attention to the smallest details in order to underline the multifaceted effect of the laminate flooring: KronoOriginal® decors for laminate flooring are characterised by their brilliant colour shades, true-to-nature surface structures and their special lustre. We achieve all this by creating a realistic replication of real hardwood. Take a look at our laminate flooring collections and see for yourself.