Panel Decors

Panel designs that fit your individual lifestyle

Krono Original® offers an extensive array of designs: authentic new interpretations of high quality woods, exceptional designs, imaginative motifs – from classic to vintage, we have everything you’re looking for.

You’re looking for a panel that reminds you of hundred year-old farmhouse hardwood wall. You’re looking for exceptional décor that will impress with its inspirational colours and patterns/designs.


Edelweiss Smooth
9000 Edelweiss Smooth
classic panel
Niagara Oak
5903 Niagara Oak
wide panel
Pine White
9039 Pine White
wide panel
White High Gloss
9069 White High Gloss
wide panel
5558 Espresso
xl panel
Steel Plate
5910 Steel Plate
xl panel
Tulip Wood
5909 Tulip Wood
xl panel
St. Tropez Oak
5554 St. Tropez Oak
xl panel
Pear White
9060 Pear White
classic panel
White Uni
9002 White Uni
classic panel
Polar Birch
9049 Polar Birch
wide panel
Edelweiß Pore
9077 Edelweiß Pore
wide panel