Before laying laminate

Checklists for your preparation

The following tools should be kept within arms reach at all times during the installation of your Krono Original® laminate floors:

  • Spacer wedges
  • Circular saw with changeable carbide metal tooth saw blade or jigsaw with a fine saw blade or handsaw
  • Angle for undercutting the doorframes
  • Folding ruler, pencil
  • Assembly aid (tapping block or hammer)
  • Footfall sound insulation (for floors without sound insulation or S.A.S.)

Checklists: Materials and accessories for laminate flooring installation

  • Exact measurements of room
  • Krono Original® laminate floor
  • Clickguard™ / one tube is adequate for ten square metres of laminate floor
  • Skirting board
  • Levelling, transition and end profiles
  • Mounting brackets (30 per package of Krono Original® flooring)
  • Vapour barrier film
  • Foam underlay film

Please also take note that you will possibly need a footfall sound insulation as well as Clickguard™ or a similar joint sealant.

Residual Moisture

Stone floor should not exceed the following values for residual moisture:

  • Cement stone screed: With underfloor heating 1.8 per cent CM; Without underfloor heating 2 per cent CM
  • Anhydride screed: With underfloor heating 0.3 per cent; Without underfloor heating 0.5 per cent CM