Features of Krono Original® laminate flooring

Krono Original® – beautiful laminate flooring with character!

Good looks alone are not enough – a floor has to be able to do more than just look beautiful! Because you would like to spend a long time with your laminate flooring - and so its inner qualities have to win you over as well!

Are you looking for a floor that is durable, goes along with all you do and still looks outstanding? With Krono Original® you have found what you are looking for! The laminate flooring from Krono Original® will win you over with numerous features that make life with your flooring hassle-free and more beautiful:


All Krono Original® Laminate flooring is subjected to a series of strict tests to ensure that it upholds international quality standards. For this reason we give you a comprehensive guarantee on all of our products. You can be sure that no matter which floor you choose, each one is easy to care for and will provide you with pleasure over many years.

Stain and abrasion resistance

Stay calm: even the trickiest of soilings from red wine, oil, jam or nail polish are easy to remove. Krono Original® flooring are unbelievably abrasion-resistant and hardwearing. As has been proven, they belong to the most durable flooring that is available today. Even heavy furniture does not leave imprints behind (please use felt pads and mind swivel chairs fitted with castors).

Multi-Patent Indemnity

With multi-patent protection, you can enjoy a 100% guarantee for our entire line of products! In addition to the patents from Krono Flooring, the “Multi-Patent Indemnity” certificate guarantees extensive protection for VÄLINGE INNOVATION AB international and a selection of UNILIN Patents worldwide. With it comes a protected, unlimited use of the adhesive-free click system products on the market.