Tips to help preserve your flooring

Keep your flooring looking brand new

The toughness and resilience of Krono Original® laminate flooring keeps it looking great everyday: wear and tear from daily use is seldom seen.


There is no need to constantly worry about your flooring. Even the toughest of spills are easy to remove with just a damp cloth. Red wine, oil, jam, and nail polish are no match for your laminate flooring.

Indentations and scratches:

Rarely will furniture leave any indentations behind when it sits atop Krono Original® laminate flooring. In order to prevent additional damage, furniture should not be dragged or pushed across the surface, rather lifted and put into place. For those with chairs they shove and laminate flooring they love, we highly recommend affixing felt pads to the chair legs. If using castors with office chairs, please use soft rubber ones (labelled W) according to DIN 68131.

Light sensitivity:

Laminate flooring from Krono Original® are light resistant to level 6 of the Blue Wool Scale according to DIN 13229, meaning that the colouring of your flooring will always remain the same. No parquet flooring can ever achieve this, as they darken over time.