Laminate floor from Krono Original® – for the love of the environment!

Resource-efficient production using only wood from sustainably managed forests. It’s a commitment rooted in our love of nature.

At Kronospan, we believe in producing flooring with a small footprint. We are committed to environmentally responsible manufacturing using wood from sustainable sources. In our manufacturing we strive to reduce waste and recycle to generate carbon-neutral energy for our production facilities. We use low-emission bonding agents in our flooring, extending our environmental commitment from our factory to your home. That gives you the peace of mind in knowing that installing beautiful floors in your home won't compromise the beauty of the earth.

Earth friendly 

”No matter what I buy – whether it’s food, clothing, a car or products for my home – I pay close attention to how it’s made and how it might impact our environment. When I updated the flooring in my home, I chose Krono Original®, not only because they had the exact look I wanted, but also because of the company’s strong commitment to the environment and its earth-friendly manufacturing practices. To me that’s a double win."