The right care for your laminate flooring

Learn how to properly care for your laminate flooring

The high quality laminate flooring from Krono Original® has a life span over several decades. To ensure that your laminate flooring looks like new for as a long as possible, please take note of the following care instructions:

At the basic level, laminate flooring is extremely durable and easy to care for. Small stains can be removed quickly and easily with just a damp cloth.

  • In high-traffic areas with lots of dirt, such as entryways, mats will help to protect against abrasions.
  • Furniture legs should be protected with felt pads to guard against scratching. Note that you can void your warranty should you not use felt pads.
  • Office chairs with wheels should use class W, soft castors.
  • Standing water should be avoided at all costs. Take extra caution in areas with flowerpots, vases, and near water faucets.
  • When cleaning, make sure the cloth is damp, not soaking wet.
  • If you use any cleaning agents while cleansing the floor, make sure that all residues are removed.

The right cleaner for your Krono Original® laminate flooring

Please never use cleaning agents that contain wax or oil. These materials cannot penetrate the surface of the laminate flooring forming a film that attracts dirt like a magnet.

For regular cleaning, we recommend the Krono Original® laminate cleaner.